Diana McCollum


Diana enjoys weaving elements of paranormal, and fantasy into her stories. She always ends with a Happily Ever After, because she must for her own satisfaction! Her hope is to take you away from your everyday life for a journey that is both entertaining, and fun, and sometimes a little scary.

When Diana is not reading or writing, she is a fisherwoman, enjoys hiking, tole-painting, jewelry making, coffee dates with other writers, and hanging out in book stores.

About the Author

I’m Diana McCollum, a writer and the author of The Witch with the Trident Tattoo, a contemporary paranormal book about a sea witch and the coastal coven she belongs too.

I reside in beautiful central Oregon. Halfway between the desert and the Cascade Mountains.

Bookstores, one of my favorite places to hang out. I pick out a few books to peruse, order a latte, and sit down to let the drama of the world drift away. When my latte is gone, it’s time to leave, always with a few books to take home.

As you can imagine, I love books! Don’t you? Not only am I passionate about books, I am an avid movie fan and my husband and I watch one almost every night.

My inspiration for stories comes from movies, books, magazines and newspapers or Google search. I draw on real life subject matter and weave it into my paranormal novels.

Right now I’m about halfway through writing The Twilight Witch. Opal my heroine is a conservationist studying the coywolf in Nova Scotia. The coywolf really exists and is a problem endangering livestock on the island of New Breton, NS.

When not absorbed in a book, or huddled over the keyboard writing, I do enjoy knitting, painting, and trying out new recipes on my husband. He’s learned to answer me if I ask what he wants for dinner, or chance being surprised! “Puffed-up Zucchini Patties “ anyone?