Diana McCollum

This month at I’m talking about charities. There are so, so many different kinds from the horse rescue Paty Jager talked about, to the One Bead at a Time Judith Ashley talked about, to charities fighting hunger, for world peace and tons of charities to help research against various diseases.

I don’t have a specific charity that I give to on a regular basis. I’ve given a lot over the years to food banks, free meal programs, save the planet, oceans, animals, water, children etc.

Instead I am going to highlight a few different charities. A few that are more obscure.

Here in Bend there is Friends with Flowers of Bend Oregon. It is similar to the Bloom Project. Volunteers collect donated flowers from weddings.

These flowers are repurposed into smaller bouquets in vases and delivered to Hospice, palliative care patients and their families. It seems like a small thing to have a vase of flowers, but I saw firsthand when I volunteered at the hospital how appreciative patients were for this bit of brightness at a stressful time in their lives.


Another local charity is SavingGrace. Is a safe environment for women escaping an abusive relationship.
Here are their services as listed on the website:

• “24-hour hotline
• Support groups
• Emergency shelter
• Professional training
• Emergency transportation
• Court advocacy
• Respite child care
• Systems advocacy
• Programs for children exposed to violence
• Community education
• Hospital response
• Therapy
• Individual crisis counseling
• Public awareness
• Information and referral to social services
• Youth violence prevention
• Supervised visitation and exchange center”

This group is in need of volunteers and donations.


Cascade Youth & Family Center for homeless or runaway teens.

This program serves youngsters between 11 and 17 yrs. From around Central Oregon who are at risk of running away or have already run away or been kicked out of their homes. Young people who come from homeless families where the parents can no longer take care of them. They find safety in a shelter or host home.

Teens would be accepted under the following conditions:
couch surfing, staying temporarily with friends or family, living in an unsafe or unstable environment at home, unable to resolve conflict with parents or guardians

sleeping unsheltered, outside, in a car, or other places not meant for housing

services include:

• education planning and support
• employment search assistance
• career planning
• life skills training
• positive recreational opportunities and transition to self-sufficient living

Donations and volunteers are always needed at these organizations. It has been especially hard with this year of COVID-19. If you call one of your local charities they will be able to tell you what you can do to help.


Happy Spring!