Diana McCollum

We’ve moved to a new home in northern CA.

Leaving Bend, OR, I was afraid I’d not have wild animals in my yard like we did in Bend. Silly me! We have been visited by lots of animals and birds.
Our little pond with the waterfall is a favorite spot for all kinds of birds. We eat dinner and watch the birds come in and take baths or for a drink. We’ve seen Tangers, blue birds, hummingbirds, wood peckers, black birds, crows, finches etc. It is very entertaining.

Each day a doe and her fawn spend the afternoon under our fig tree in the back yard. They eat all the apples that fall from the apple tree.
In the evening a buck, and two more does wander through the yard.
We’ve also seen foxes, squirrels, and lizards.

The fawn is fun to watch as it explores and jumps around. It noticed a butterfly on a rock the other day. When the butterfly moved it’s wings the fawn jumped straight up and ran to it’s mother.

I wanted to share this picture of some funny characters to watch.

They’ve been through the yard 4 times so far. Usually in a group of twenty.  We’ve been enjoying and thankful for all the animals who’ve graced us with their presence. 

Do you have any wild animals in your yard?