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What do you do?

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Blog

I wrote this in the month of July. When the subject matter was what you liked best snowy, days or hot days. I will tell you how to pass the time on a cold blustery, snowy day or hot summer day, and every day in between. How to improve a skill and your mental attitude.

Do you want more happiness and satisfaction in your life?

If the answer is yes keep reading.

Hobbies or crafts or other interests outside of daily routines and work, help us grow by helping us to learn something new and gives us a sense of accomplishment.

By taking up a new hobby that you go to class to learn gives the extra benefit of socializing. Connecting with people who have the same interests.

Do you find you need a break from the daily grind? Work, home, sleep, repeat? Between work stress and whatever is going on in our personal lives we all need a chance to relax, recharge and refresh. Who knew that a hobby could renew our spirit and get our mojo back? But it can!

Hobbies are the antidote for boredom by increasing your happiness and satisfaction with life. Your hobby is something just for you, not for your children, husband, boyfriend, aunt, mom or grandma.

So you see hobbies have huge benefits. Trying something new even if we suck at it is empowering, and with time and practice we may be really good or decide to try something else. Give yourself a chance to discover that you are good at different things, not just work and home life.

Here is a list of a few hobbies that are not expensive to do.

1) Blogging
You can do it from home to express your thoughts on a subject.

2) Reading
Grab a book and enter someone else’s world for a while.

3) Paint class
I joined an acrylic paint class last year. Not only have I learned a new skill, I’ve met some amazing new friends.

(work in progress)

4) Dancing or playing an instrument
YouTube has lots of free lessons or join a class. My daughter’s friend learned how to dance with a firey torch that she then puts out with her mouth! Not my first choice.

5) Yoga
Take a class and socialize or YouTube has many, many exercise and yoga videos.

6) Handicraft
Knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting and crochet, woodturning, clay work etc. Our Barnes and Noble lets the knitting group meet to knit and have coffee (socializing!)

7) Gardening
For me I garden a little, but my husband’s hobby is gardening. He’s outdoors all the times. And when it is 103 like today, he catches up on reading or movies he’s recorded.

Plate size Dahlia’s my husband grew

8) Adult league
bowling, baseball, soccer, pickle ball, golf etc.

I have included pictures I have painted or am working on as painting is my favorite hobby.

(9) Thrift shopping is a hobby too. I find things now and then for the house or yard. I’m including a picture of a Eskimo statue that I’m going to paint a picture of, as soon as I know his story. I’ve been thinking about it.
I’m going to write a story and paint a picture of this Eskimo.

(10) Not just reading-but reading a non-fiction book to learn about something or someone! Right now I’m reading a biography of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, fascinating reading. I always have one non-fiction book which I read for one hour after lunch, and one fiction which I read at bedtime.

I like to sew now and then. During the pandemic I made masks and bookmarks which I sent to grandkids.

There are 1,000 s of different hobbies or crafts. There is one out there for you too.