Diana McCollum

In the year 1692

The Crystal Witch

In the year 1692, young witch Hettie was transported to 2012 by a Shaman to escape a demon set on usurping her magick.

Hettie has made a life for herself. Now the owner of The Crystal Witch gift shop, she belongs to the Coastal Coven, and is  excited to have found romance with Evan.

Declan, the demon, locates Hettie and travels to the modern times.

Will her coven, magick and love for one man be enough to save her from the clutches of Declan?

Just finished reading it. The Crystal Witch is well worth the 99 cent payment. It had everything I wanted. Magick, love, suspense, good vs evil, and joyful triumph. A great way to spend a couple hours.

Maggie Lynch

Author & Writer